Streamlining Compliance and Delivery at a FinTech Startup


This case study focuses on a FinTech startup operating in a heavily regulated industry. The company aimed to remain fully compliant while automating their delivery process. Their objective was to obtain ISO-27001 certification and strike a balance between rapid delivery and regulatory compliance.


The FinTech startup encountered challenges with a manual deployment process, hindering efficiency and scalability. Additionally, achieving ISO-27001 certification required appropriate configuration and documentation within their work management system. The company needed to navigate the delicate balance between delivering solutions quickly and maintaining compliance.


To address these challenges, the startup implemented a comprehensive solution that integrated work management tools, prioritised security, and established agile practices.


The implementation involved integrating Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket to streamline work management and collaboration. User access and security groups were established to ensure proper permissions and data protection. Documentation outlining agile and Jira best practices was created to guide teams in maintaining compliance.
Workflows were designed within Jira to align with ISO-27001 standards, ensuring that all work adhered to the necessary security and compliance requirements. Hygiene dashboards were implemented to monitor quality controls and identify any missing or incorrect data in tickets. Ticket screens were customised to display only relevant information, reducing clutter and improving efficiency. Automation rules were set up to synchronise Jira boards with Bitbucket repositories, automating key processes and enhancing collaboration between teams.


The implementation of the solution yielded significant results for the FinTech startup. The company successfully obtained ISO-27001 certification, demonstrating their commitment to compliance and data security. The time required for the release process was reduced by 80%, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of solutions. This improvement increased productivity and allowed the startup to better meet customer demands.

In conclusion, the FinTech startup successfully streamlined compliance and delivery processes by integrating work management tools, establishing security measures, and implementing agile practices. Through proper configuration, documentation, and automation, the company achieved ISO-27001 certification while balancing efficiency and regulatory requirements. This case study emphasises the importance of maintaining compliance in a regulated industry and leveraging suitable tools and practices to optimise delivery and achieve organisational goals.