Project Management Excellence Package

Addressing inefficient project management and tracking
through Atlassian products

Inefficiencies in project management and tracking are common in large enterprises, where multiple high-stakes projects run concurrently across different teams and departments. These inefficiencies manifest in various ways:​

Project Delays

Mismanagement of schedules and resources often leads to significant project delays and missed deadlines.

Budget Overruns

Without precise tracking, projects can frequently go over budget due to unplanned resource allocation and inefficient task execution.

Resource Misallocation

Lack of visibility into project demands and progress can result in poor distribution of resources, leading to bottlenecks.

Inconsistent Reporting

Project status updates and outcomes are often not standardised, making it difficult for stakeholders to get a clear picture of progress and issues.

Fragmented Tool Usage

Teams may use different tools that do not integrate well with each other, leading to scattered data and communication gaps.

These challenges severely impact the overall productivity and operational effectiveness of an organisation. When projects are not managed or tracked efficiently, it not only affects the specific project outcomes but also diminishes the company’s ability to plan strategically and react to market demands effectively.

Did you know...

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According to PMI’s (Project Management Institute) 2021 Pulse of the Profession report, 11.4% of investment is wasted due to poor project performance.

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The same report highlights that 9.4% of every dollar invested is wasted due to poor project performance, underscoring the need for improved project tracking and management.

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A study by the Harvard Business Review found that companies which manage their projects effectively utilise performance insights to guide their decisions, leading to a 45% higher rate of success in achieving business intent.

Atlassian Solution: Jira and Confluence

The Project Management Excellence Package utilises Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence to address these issues comprehensively:


Provides robust project and issue tracking capabilities that allow for detailed planning, scheduling, and real-time monitoring of tasks across all stages of project development. It supports agile methodologies, which can adapt to changing project requirements fluidly.


Enhances project documentation and collaboration, acting as a central hub where all project-related information is stored, updated, and easily accessible to all stakeholders involved. Confluence pages can be linked to Jira tasks for seamless integration of documentation and task tracking.

This service package is designed to standardise and optimise project management processes, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. It also aims to unify tool usage across teams, promoting a more collaborative and transparent project management environment. This alignment helps enterprises streamline their project delivery mechanisms, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing overhead costs.

Key Components

The Project Management Excellence Package is tailored to streamline project management processes using Jira and Confluence. Here are the detailed components of this service package:

Jira Configuration and Integration

Confluence Setup for Project Documentation

Advanced Reporting and Dashboard Setup

Workflow Optimisation and Automation

Training and User Adoption

Continuous Improvement and Scaling

Outcome Goals

Implementing this package aims to achieve transformative outcomes for enterprise clients, specifically:

Standardised Processes

Scalable Project Management

Increased Transparency

Higher Stakeholder Satisfaction

Enhanced Project Efficiency

Improved Budget Adherence

By addressing project management inefficiencies with Jira and Confluence, the Project Management Excellence Package helps enterprises streamline their operations, enhance collaborative efforts, and deliver projects successfully aligned with their strategic objectives. This package not only tackles current inefficiencies but also equips the organisation for future growth and challenges.

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