R&D Compliance and
Experiment Tracking Package

Addressing research and compliance standardisation
through Atlassian products

Companies participating in the Australian R&D Tax Incentive program face specific challenges in maintaining auditable records of experimental activities, which are crucial for claiming tax benefits. These challenges include:

Complex Documentation Requirements

Properly documenting each experiment with comprehensive details that meet the tax incentive program's requirements can be complex and time-consuming.

Audit Readiness

The need for readily available and well-organised experimental logs during audits or reviews by tax authorities can stress internal processes.

Consistency in Reporting

Ensuring that all experimental activities are reported in a consistent, timely, and accurate manner across various teams is difficult without standardised processes.

Change Adaptation

Rapidly adapting to changes in tax law and compliance requirements while ensuring all R&D activities are appropriately logged.

Data Integrity and Security

Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of R&D data, especially when such data forms the basis of tax credit claims.

These documentation and compliance requirements not only pose operational burdens but also carry significant financial risks if not managed properly.

Did you know...

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According to a study by BDO Australia, over 30% of companies that claim R&D tax incentives face difficulties due to insufficient documentation, which can lead to denied claims or reduced incentives.

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An analysis by Grant Thornton noted that approximately 20-25% of companies claiming R&D tax incentives undergo audits. Many of these companies are not prepared, primarily due to inadequate record-keeping.

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Firms using structured R&D management and tracking systems report a success rate of over 90% in sustaining their R&D claims during audits, compared to significantly lower rates for those without such systems (R&D Advisory).

Atlassian Solution: Jira and Confluence for R&D Compliance

The R&D Compliance and Experiment Tracking Package leverages the capabilities of Jira and Confluence to create a robust framework for managing R&D experiments and ensuring compliance with the Australian R&D Tax Incentive program.

Structured Experiment Logging

Utilises Jira to log and track all experimental activities, ensuring each step is documented and timestamped for auditability.

Automated Compliance Checks

Sets up automated workflows in Jira that flag non-compliance issues in real-time and guide teams through the necessary steps to ensure all activities meet regulatory requirements.

Centralised Documentation Repository

Employs Confluence to store all related documentation, including experiment designs, results, and analyses, in a secure, organised, and searchable format.

Integrated Reporting Tools

Uses Confluence to generate comprehensive reports that align with the Australian R&D Tax Incentive documentation standards, ready for audit use.

Key Components

Experiment Tracking Setup in Jira

Documentation System in Confluence

Real-time Compliance Monitoring

Audit Preparation Features

Training and Support for Compliance

Outcome Goals

Implementing this package aims to deliver critical outcomes for enterprises engaged in R&D activities under the Australian tax incentive framework.

Enhanced Documentation Integrity

Adaptive Compliance Management

Streamlined Compliance Processes

Improved Audit Efficiency

Transparent and Accountable Reporting

By focusing specifically on the needs of teams involved in the Australian R&D Tax Incentive program, the R&D Compliance and Experiment Tracking Package ensures that enterprises not only maximise their tax benefits but also minimise compliance risks and operational burdens associated with R&D documentation and auditing. This strategic approach fosters a proactive, compliant, and efficient R&D operation.

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